# 27 Cloud Computing and its future

09 Jun

Recently I read a phrase somewhere that says “You can survive today with the technology of yesterday but you cannot operate tomorrow”.

In last 2 decade, technology has changed a lot. Mankind progressing exponentially and the growth of last 2 decade is more than past millennia. As a part of this advancement, ERPs also provide new and improved tools for Enterprise functioning and decision making. The latest in this trend in Cloud based ERP solutions.

What is this Cloud computing?

A simple explanation is that it is a metaphor for Internet. When we do anything on Internet it means we are doing it in cloud. It range from simply browsing the internet to storing information or data over Internet. Cloud is nothing but the representation of something hosted somewhere on the server that can be accessed via internet from anywhere in the world.

What cloud is not about is your hard disk or software installed on your computer locally. Cloud is all about internet so accessibility and speed depends on the speed and availability of internet.

Cloud in business

There are different types of cloud that business can use. (SAAS) software as a service where a business subscribe to a software service that it uses over Internet. There are examples like, Dropbox, NetSuite, Acumatica etc. There is also (IAAS) Infrastructure as a service where a backbone like servers, storage space etc. can be supplied by another company. Small companies can also opt for (PAAS) Platform as service where they can host there application sand software on a remote data centers.

This concept of cloud computing is growing and gaining popularity significantly. There are pro and cons of using cloud technology. In coming years we will see more and more application hosted as service.


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