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Date: 13 MAY 2013

In Sage 300 ERP Project and Job Costing (PJC), Contract Maintenance form is used to add and maintain the contract and their associated projects and categories. Before adding a new contract the following records must be added in PJC:-
• Account Sets
• Projects
• Categories
• Employees
• Equipment
• Subcontractors
• Miscellaneous Expenses
• Overhead Expenses
• Charges
• Optional Fields
Also if you plan to raise Job Related invoices in Account Receivable with items then you have to create items in Account Related. For General Ledger you need to create the following accounts in the Chart of Accounts:-
• Work In Progress
• Cost of Sales
• Billings
• Revenue
• Payroll Expenses
• Employee Expenses
• Labour
• Overhead
• Equipment
• Cost
The Contract Maintenance form is used to perform the following tasks:-
• Specify the contract setting, for example when to recognise revenue, Project type etc.
• Default tax group.
• Assigning Projects (i.e. the revenue stream) to the contract.
• Assign resources and cost categories to the projects within a contract. Further PJC will match the cost with the revenue they generate .
• Enter estimates for the projects that will make up the estimate of the contract as a whole.
• Allow to change the status of the contract and projects.
• Use project, category and resource to track the cost for each element of the contract.
• View the summary information for contract and individual projects.
You can use Contract Maintenance form to create and maintain the contract, project and categories. As shown in the figure below:-


By clicking the Zoom button (Blue triangle button on the top) you can open a wizard where you can specify the default setup to open a new contract. Then you can add a new project to the contract and categories to the project. As a visual cue the project icons are in different colours depending on their status. The detail is as follows:-


At the time of defining new contract it will pick all the setting from the options screen in the PJC Settings, but you can change the settings at contract and at project level.

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