#19 Sage 300 Project and Job costing

09 Apr

Date: 2 April 2013

Sage ERP Project and job costing (PJC) module is a project management module to assist organizations in developing plans, estimates, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budget, costing, billing and analyzing workload so that Work can be delivered on time and be in budget only to be more profitable.
If in an organization where project managers are spending too much time on tracking there projects and related activities then it will be a wise choice to go for Sage ERP 300 PJC Module. Benefit will not only that all project managers will able to track and maintain their projects at a central place but also get lot of added advantage in term of budgeting, estimating, allocate resources, cost and billing to be name few. Not only it will eliminate the time spend by project managers to track projects they are working on but also it will help to consolidate all the project company is working, so consolidated reporting can be generated, hence provide an eagle eye to the decision makes so that better decision making can be done.
Sage PJC assist to maintain categories that are easily customized to meet virtually any specification needed, it’s flexible enough to manage large or small projects for any business environment. Featuring streamlined integration with key Sage ERP 300 modules and extensive custom reporting capabilities, Project and Job Costing puts you in control of project costs with better tracking, enhanced efficiency, and greater accuracy.
With PJC you can:

• Keep track of committed against actual costs with Purchase Order integration.
• Set up, track, and maintain jobs at multiple levels of detail.
• Quickly assign staff, material, subcontractors, equipment, miscellaneous items, and overheads to each project within each job.
• Track and bill inventory items by contract, project, or category as well as by cost types.
• Track and bill equipment usage by contract, project, or category.
• Empower employees to easily manage their own time and billing records using an Internet browser anywhere.
• Manage and track time spend by people on various projects
• Mix and match accounting methods to fit any job or project from very complex to very simple.
• Automatically generate invoices based on the transactions that are due to be billed.
• Easily review contract or project changes and instantly update revenue and cost estimates.
• And Much More!!!

PJC Module integrates seamlessly with other key Sage ERP system modules like Purchase order, Account Receivable and General Ledger. This will insure that you can control your job revenue and cost with PJC more effectively and efficiently.

In nut sell you can keep your eye on the bottom line with extensive, robust analytical capabilities. With Project and Job Costing, you can track retainage, calculate overhead, gauge profitability, and access numerous analytical reports. At the micro-level, you’ll be able to spot errors, inconsistencies,
or overages before you’ve sent the final bill. And at the macro-level, you’ll be able to understand what kinds of jobs tend to earn you the highest margin, which kinds of jobs are draining your resources, and why.

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