#10 Accpac Financial Report Problem

15 May

Date: 15/05/2011

This week I face a very strange problem with the Sage Accpac Financial Report. This is very interesting and will be helpful for many.
Sage Accpac Financial Reporter is a tool that gives the power to the end user to design the financial reports. Last week a user of Sage Accpac called me and narrated his story that “Profit and lost report” giving different output on different Client machines. I did not believe him but asked him to check the version of Office on the both the machine.
He called me again after about half an hour and told me the same story. I planned a visit there and investigated the issue by my own. First when I saw the same report giving different output on different Systems it was surprising to me. I checked everything in Accpac but everything was correct. Now after being sure nothing wrong with Accpac, I start thinking on other aspects.
The major difference I found is in the OS. Both machine having different OS. One with Windows XP giving correct output whereas one with windows7 giving wrong output. Then to my surprise Sage Accpac Financial reporter range formulas working differently on different version of OS. Following is my analysis.
While designing a Financial Report in Accpac we generally give the account range in the Column A. let’s say company is using two account segment one with 5 digits and second with 3 digits. We can give the range in column A like “60000:61000”. This range suppose to print all the accounts having the first account number between 60000 and 61000 irrespective of the number in the second segment.
Again coming to the problem, the Financial Reporter on the System with Windows XP is working exactly as explained above. But on the system with Windows7 it is reading the accounts between 60000-000 and 61000. Here financial report is unable to read any record further from 61000 and cannot print accounts having second segment.


To rectify the above issue, I change the way range was given. Instead of 60000:61000 I gave range like “60000:61000-999”. Although both ranges should be treated the same way according to financial report guide lines but it is treated differently on different versions of OS and Office.

Generally solution for big issues is small and easy but tricky to find.



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