#9 Content of .INI file

08 May

Date: 08/05/2011

To create a Cyrstal report that uses a datapipe DLL, youmust provide create a DATAPIPE.INI text file in the same directory where the DLL resides. Here is a small briefing of the .ini file. The format of this text file is relatively simple. It includes one section for each datapipe DLL. Each DLL section contains a query entry listing, containing the following information:

-The query name and a list of the default values for the datapipe parameters, separated by “\n”.

NOTE: These parameters have a one-to-one correspondence with the datapipe query entry of the report section in the xxrpt.ini file.

-Parameter values P1 through P4, which specify the default database from which Crystal will read when designing the report form.

If a datapipe contains multiple queries, then list all queries in the datapipe.ini file. However, when you create a new Crystal datapipe report, all queries, except for the one required for the report, must be commented out in the datapipe.ini file.


This example shows the datapipe DLL section in the DATAPIPE.INI which is required to create the Cyrstal datapipe report,

query=”GLPJCON1\n0000\n999999\n \n0\n ”
‘query=”GLPJCON3\n0000\n999999\n \n0\n ”
‘query=”GLPJCON4\n0000\n999999\n \n0\n ”
‘PARAMETER 3 4 12 13


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