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10 Apr

Date: 10-04-2011

As continues support is a crucial part of any IT project, ERP is also not any exception. With the thousands of customers, end users and consultant working on Sage Accpac ERP all around the globe need continues support on the issues faced by them. In this blog posting I refer and highlight the support strategies of Sage and try to answer the question “How one can get quick and reliable support on Accpac issues?”

Sage Accpac have its presence in most parts of the world and increasing day by day. Sage is doing business through channel partners. Sage does not have any direct relation with clients in terms of Accpac Implementation and Support. Here comes the channel partners to implement and support there customers. Although any Sage Accpac customer can directly write to Sage if they have some real issue and Sage also consider it for new development in next release if they found it necessary and important. As far as day to day support is concern there are three level of support.

1. End user’s first level of support is the IT team and Accpac specialist in their company itself.

2. Second level of support brings the sage partners in picture. These Sage certified consultants and specialists resolves almost all the issues and problems faced by the end users.

3. Third level of support is provided by Sage itself. For some major issues or data corruption sage comes in to picture and any kind of problem will be resolved by them.

For resolving issues it is important to analyze and know what the issue is. For the same reason Sage Accpac provide couple of tools i.e RVSPS and DBSPY. RVSPY is useful to analyze if the issue is from any application side whereas DBSPY is useful to get the detail regarding issues that cause by database interaction. One can get more detail on RVSPY and DBSPY on the following link: More about RVSPY & DBSPY

Above I explained the standard process to go for if any Accpac user or consultant face any problem but in real time scenario this might take time and one is in need to resolve the issue quickly. At this time I think there are some very good online Accpac communities comes in to picture. One can get quick response from these communities and most of the time it is very useful and reliable because the reply comes from the consultants and solution providers that are in the business from years. Some of the top Accpac communities are as follows:

1. Sage Accpac Community

2. Plus Community

3. Tek Tips Community

4. Tool box Community

Phone support, of course, is always an option. Sage Accpac support can be reached at-1-800-253-1372 and-1-604-207-3601 if you live outside of North America. They do charge a per-incident fee, although the fee is waived if you’re a Priority Software Support subscriber. After all there is no such problem that can’t be resolved if you are working with experts.


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