#4 Sage Accpac and VBA Macros

03 Apr

Date: 03/04/2011

Although the accounting standards and financial practices are same all around the world but its nature of business and regional obligation that make people follow their own way to reach the same destination. In the era of globalization its became important for a company to adopt for a ERP for it wide range of operations. This will help them to better control over the business and further growth, But the rigidity of each industry and there functional flow makes it almost impossible for the ERP to be 100% standard and Implemented with 0% customization.

Every globally recognized ERP software, has its own mechanism for making the Standard ERP localize and to cater all individual business need. Sage Accpac also provide the couple of mechanism to bridge the gap between Standard Accpac application and specific client requirement. One among them is writing a macro to fulfill the specific client requirement that is not possible to do with standard application. So let’s discuss about Macro and how its working inside Accpac as a part of standard ERP.

In the words of WIKIPEDIA Macro is “to the programmer a sequence of computing instructions as a single program statement, making the programming task less tedious and less error-prone”. In context of Accpac Macro is set of instructions written in VB language. As VBA (Macro) file is platform dependent it runs from inside Accpac and will give look and feel as a part of the standard application.

Writing a new macro is as simple as writing a new VB application. Macro is precompiled and we just need to create a short cut on Accpac desktop to run it. Writing a macro has its pro and cons over writing another application.

Advantage of writing a Macro in Sage Accpac ERP:

  1. As a Macro precompile and run inside Accpac it works as per the Accpac session. The macro will automatically pick the session of the company from which it is executing. Hence we do not need to worry about handling the session.
  2. As it runs on the Accpac platform the code length will also be reduced.
  3. We can use standard Accpac controls and there features. It will allows us to do the changes in any Accpac screen or any Accpac standard functionality, although least recommendable (See point #2 and #3 of disadvantage for more details).

Disadvantage of writing a Macro in Sage Accpac ERP:

  1. Accpac Macro cannot execute if session is not open on the PC where we need to run the macro. We need Accpac session open on the same PC to make macro run. Therefore even if the user wants only to run a macro we need to install Accpac workstation or Accpac application on the client’s PC.
  2. If we are using the macro to fulfill the client’s requirement then we need to pay extra care at the time of Accpac upgrade. At the time of upgrade we need to check each macro with the new version of Accpac and might need changes accordingly.
  3. If we are using some Accpac controls in our macro for changing its functionality it will not work once we upgrade Accpac to the new version. In that case we need to link the macro to the new control, by refreshing references.

Further, one may face problem after upgrade and macro stops working with error “Object not found”. In that case we can check by deleting all .box and .exd files, mainly in the folder “C:/Document and Setting/Computer name/ApplicationData/Microsoft/forms”.

Once after considering pro and cons of Accpac macro we have to decide to write a macro or a VB executable to fulfill client requirements. It is always recommendable to reduce the customizations of the standard product as much as possible.



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2 responses to “#4 Sage Accpac and VBA Macros

  1. FAISAL abrar

    April 19, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    Please guide me that how can I automate stock transfer method from one location to other using macro in sage accpac 5.5

    • Aggyey

      April 21, 2013 at 4:57 am

      You can record a macro in Accpac that will do it for you. If you want to automate it you can write an exe using vb that can be scheduled using Windows scheduler.


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