#2 Steps to upgrade Sage Accpac successfully

20 Mar

Date: 20/03/2011

It’s always good to keep all our clients to the latest version of Sage Accpac with latest service pack to avoid any technical problem. It is also useful at the time when one need third level of support since Sage will only support for last two versions. It also becomes important to check the latest service packs if any technical problem is there. Many times I have seen customer facing problem only because latest service pack is not there.
Upgrading Sage Accpac from its older version to new version is not a rocket science. But we need to follow proper steps and take care of the key point some of them I will list here. If we do not follow instructed ways then the things can go worse. Some Key points that we need to take care are as follows:
a. Most important of all is taking “proper” backup. When I say proper it means not only Accpac Database dump. We need to take the Accpac application and database backup. It is recommendable that before planning any updating we must have a brief study about the Accpac System running at the site. We have to list all the customized reports that is used by client. Also we must document the customization done at the application level, i.e. VB and VBA Programs. I experienced companies not going for up- gradation only because of too much customization on application and database level. If this is the case then we must take backup from the database side as well because if there are new tables created for the purpose of customization then Accpac dump will not take those tables into database dump. So it is safe to take database backup from backend. Take the backup of all the Accpac directories and customized directory if any. That involves the backup of all Macros, applications, Reports (default and customized) and Accpac default directory.
b. Export the users there rights and permission, customized directory and user profile if any. Since Accpac is not maintaining these details in database therefore we need to take this data separately. Later it is useful to create the same structure of Accpac users and there rights.
c. Before upgrade it is very important to check the database changes that new version have to make sure that in all the customization the changed fields will not have any effect. If we found any database field used by Report, VBA or VB application that is changed in new version, we need to change that report, VBA or VB application before upgrade to make sure it will run after we do the upgrade.
d. Check the CRM Integration as well with the CRM consultant if any.
Once we took proper back up, it is recommendable to do the test upgrade before performing the live upgrade. It is helpful if any issues are there with upgrade. Further we need to follow predefined steps to upgrade Accpac from its earlier version. We need to do all these steps one by one in the sequential order. In brief we can say there are following steps:
• Prepare the current Sage Accpac Database for upgrade.
• Install the latest version of Accpac.
• Restore user profile and check customized reports and Applications.
Upgrade workstations.
Let’s discuss all these points in detail:
1. Prepare the current Sage Accpac Database for upgrade : – At the time of upgrade Accpac do not allow the process to complete if some Batch are un-posted or some process are not completed. So before proceeding we must complete all the following process.
a. Post all the transactions from Accpac PJC module.
b. Run Accpac Inventory Day End process.
c. Perform the reconciliation for all the banks used by company. Clear all the Returns as well. Some time we face an Error: “Requested receipt was returned previously”. It is a known error and the hot fix is available for it i.e. HF26222_BK55A_PU2 Run it to resolve the issue and proceed with the Bank reconciliation.
d. Post all the AR and AP transaction. Run Cerate GL Batch in AR and AP to make sure that there is no un-posted batch.
e. Your Accpac Database is ready to upgrade.
f. Take the Database backup.
g. Take the Application and customized directory backup.
h. Export user profiles and there rights. Also export the customized directory if any in administrative services.
2. Install the latest version of Accpac: – After you prepare Accpac Data to do the upgrade you can prepare the server on which you are going to do the upgrade. So we can install the Accpac’s latest version on the machine. After setting things up and putting the Accpac Keys in place we are ready to upgrade it. Just restore the database and activate all modules. At the time of activation Accpac automatically do all the required changes in to the database. If you got any issue in this step you need to go back to the previous version and rectify it before you proceed. So make sure you follow the step 1 correctly.
3. Restore user profile and check customized reports and Applications: – After all the modules have been upgraded to the latest version you need to restore the user profile, there rights and customized directories. Also you need to restore all the Customized reports and VBA, VB applications if any and check it with the new data base.
For all VBA and VB application if it is using Accpac controls or code then it need to be refresh accordingly. Old Accpac controls need to be replaced by the new one also code need to be refresh according to the new version.
4. Upgrade workstations: – Last and important task is to upgrade the workstation as well. To do so we need to uninstall the old version of workstation at the client PC and new version of Accpac workstation need to be installed.
Above is a brief summary how to upgrade Accpac version. Accpac also releases product update to resolve some technical problems in the Accpac. These Service packs also need to be install very carefully specially when there is lots of customization involved. When we are installing Service pack of any version it replace the reports or Dlls in the Accpac directory So before installing any service pack or Hotfix it is recommended to take the back up of database and Application directory.


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