#1 Sage Accpac ERP Implementation success tips

13 Mar

Date: 13/03/2011

Technology is changing day by day and improving itself, making itself better then yesterday. The penetration of technology into Commerce and Economics changing the face of the business in the global village. Sage Accpac ERP is also one such attempt and it has left its impact wherever it puts its step. I have seen companies very closely growing and expanding themselves after they implemented Accpac. Apart from eliminating paper work and centralizing all the organizational data it provides the strength, time and tools for deciding and laying business decision and policies.
But it became very important for the implementation team to map the business process correctly and efficiently with the Accpac. It does not take long to become a nightmare for company if the Accpac or any other system not implemented properly. According to me there should be “System Implementation Life Cycle” (SILC) that needs to be followed by each implementation team. They should lay down there point before even starting the implementation project. It is also recommendable to educate the users about the importance of proper plan and SILC so that they can also keep the check on the implementation team.
Even if it is not a complete new development of the system it is only a implementation but it is very important to put all the requirement in a document. Let’s called it “Functional Specification Document” (FSD). This FSD will contain data flows, Structures of different system related entities (Account number, Item number), Special and complex practices if any. FSD should be self-explanatory and should contain detail about business process, flow charts and diagrams. With FSD, project plan should also be included to make implementation fruitful and finish on time.
The process of implementation not only finish here training to the user is also equally important. Each user of company that is going to use the ERP System need to be tanned well enough to do his part of job on new system in his company. According to me the tanning of data entry people are as important as the training of top level management. Also we need to give tips and shortcuts to the users and have to convince them (especially data entry people) that this new system is better than there old system. As far as Accpac is concern I fell that it is easier for a new user to learn and use it very easily. I got the comments and feedback from some oracle apps and SAP users that Accpac is far easier to learn and use. Further the user friendliness of Accpac is better than other big names in the ERP Market.
Accpac having lots of sort cuts that reduce work load and increasy efficiency for sure. It is as follows:

Sort Cut Key Description
F1 Display online Help, available anywhere in Accpac
F5 Displays a Finder window to select records from
F7 Display Information for a record
F9 Enlarge the selected record to display more info
“+” To open the calculator while in a field that accepts numeric values, press the plus key (+) on numeric keypad
“Space Bar” Press the spacebar to select and activate the highlighted button

Also to increase the efficiency and reduce complexity for the user (although there is none) we can create a folder on the Accpac Desktop of the users that contain all the forms and Report that related to that user. It Will allow the users to get all the forms and reports that they use.


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